Geto and the curse’s ghosts set up a barrier over Shibuya. : Mangamefi

High school student Yuji Itadori in Sendai, Japan, is very fit. On his deathbed, Itadori’s grandfather tells his grandson two life lessons: “always aid people” and “die surrounded by others.” The members of the Occult Club that Itadori frequented released a powerful Curse known as Ryomen Sukuna upon him when they opened a decaying finger talisman. This provoked the arrival of the Curses at their school. Itadori’s activities put Megumi Fushiguro and his other companions in harm’s way. Since Sukuna is an evil entity, it is crucial that all sorcerers immediately perform an exorcism spell against him (and, by implication, Itadori). Megumi’s sensei, Satoru Gojo, proposes to Itadori’s superiors that they put off Itadori’s execution and let him to train with Gojo at the Tokyo Prefectural Jujutsu High School until he eats all of Sukuna’s fingers and the Curse is destroyed. Because Satoru Gojo, Megumi’s instructor, saw that Itadori was able to keep his body under control, he invited Itadori to the school. At the same time, a band of evil ghosts is laying the groundwork for an all-out attack on the world of jujutsu magic. In this category are both the afflicted ghost Mahito and the perverted sorcerer Suguru Geto, who was executed by Gojo a year before. The headmaster of the Kyoto dojo ordered that Itadori be disqualified from the jujutsu match between the Tokyo and Kyoto schools. In contrast, other people, including Gojo’s classmate Nobara Kugisaki, support his attempts to save Itadori’s life.

Second-year Kyoto Jujutsu Tech student and Mechamaru co-pilot Kokichi Muta is outed as a mole in this installment. Geto and the curse’s ghosts set up a barrier over Shibuya. Many different kinds of sorcerers gather there to do battle with them. After Gojo defeats the bad spirits and rescues Hanami from the curse’s hold, Geto locks him within a certain object. Further evidence from these events shows that the current Geto is not the original Geto but rather Geto’s corpse that has been possessed by the ancient sorcerer Kenjaku. Although Gojo remains imprisoned inside the artifact, Itadori and his allies engage Kenjaku’s forces. As the episode concludes, Kenjaku explains that he has been implanting Binding Vows and transferring his consciousness from body to body for thousands of years. Megumi’s step-sister Tsumiki Fushiguro is one of the hundreds of new sorcerers who have been reawakened as a consequence of this phenomenon throughout Japan. He then unleashes a torrent of curses on Japan, ushering in an age of turmoil and a world populated by afflicted spirits reminiscent of the Heian Period.

After the events of the previous chapter, Itadori and Megumi teamed up with second-year student Yuta Okkotsu and special grade jujutsu sorcerer and one of the most powerful sorcerers in the history of the world, Yuki Tsukumo, as well as Choso, a half-human, half-Curse student, and Maki Zen’in, also a second-year student, to meet Tengen, an immortal ju The Culling Game is the first round of the Kenjaku’s all-out war between the sorcerers and Curse users of Japan.

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